Wild Child Box: Subscription Box Review (& Discount Code)

Wild Child Box Subscription: is it worth it? Below you’ll find my detailed review as an outdoor mama, with a sprinkling of opinionated statements from an 11 year old about the contents of the Fall 2020 Wild Child launch box.

Wild Child Box Subscription: is it worth it?  Check out our detailed review - written by an outdoor mama & an 11 year old kid.  Plus, grab a 15% off discount code!

When reflecting on my own childhood, there are a number of things I’m incredibly grateful for. One of the big ones is the fact that I grew up in the woods. We lived on the side of a mountain in a small town in Vermont. Our house was perched on the edge of a 147 acre plot of land, with our closest neighbors house located nearly a half a mile away.

As such, I grew up in an era where our parents could say “go get lost in the woods – just be back by dinner.”  And they frequently did. My younger sister and I, teamed up with the two sisters who lived (half a mile away) next door, wandered through the woods for hours. We’d play at the edge of streams and ponds, catching frogs and salamanders. We danced on downed trees and laughed at the exploding jewelweed pods.

It’s surreal to me to be raising my kids in what feels like a completely different world. A time when kids are glued to technology. And let’s be honest, many of us simply don’t live in a place where we can just let our kids roam. So ensuring that my children grow up with a healthy appreciation for nature is done with purpose.   And I’m so stoked to see that there are companies out there helping promote a love for nature. 

Mom and kids at Rainbow Falls waterfall in Jones Gap State Park

What is the Wild Child Subscription Box?

Earlier this year I discovered the Wild Woman Box, and quickly subscribed (you can read my entire Wild Woman February box review HERE). Alexandra, the founder of Wild Woman, and also a mom herself, decided to create a kid version of the Wild Woman box. The goal of the Wild Child box, according to Alexandra, is “inspiring kids to explore the outdoors and appreciate nature, to use creativity to engage kids in the world around them and to shine light on all of the opportunities to be brave and bold in their everyday life.” 

Wild Child Box  Fall 2020 Box

Who is it for?

According to the website, the general age range suggested for the Wild Child box is 5 – 10 years old. Though it’s not a hard and fast rule – my reviewer is 11 quickly going on 12, and he loved the contents of his box.

How often does it ship?

The Wild Child box is a quarterly / seasonal box – meaning it comes four times a year. This is NOT a month to month subscription box like many other boxes on the market. According to the website, the Wild Child Box ships mid-month in September, December, March and June.

How much does it cost?

The Wild Child Box costs $50 per quarter if paid quarterly. If you pay for a year up front, the cost is $180, or, $45 a box.

Alexandra was kind enough to give my readers a discount code on their first Wild Child subscription box. Simply enter “HART” at checkout, and you’ll receive 15% off of your first order.

What’s inside?

Alright, all of the business details aside, I bet you’re wondering what’s inside the box? Let’s get to it…

Kain checks out the contents of the 2020 Fall Wild Child Box

Wild Child Box: Fall 2020 Launch Box Review

Below are the contents of the Wild Child Launch box, with purchasing details AND Kain’s (age 11) personal review.

Welly Bravery First Aid Kit

Is your kid accident prone? Mine sure is. Remember the time he lost part of his finger on a swing set at a State Park? Yeah…we’ll never forget that.

The Bravery First Aid Kit from Welly includes their enhanced triple antibiotic ointment that helps prevent infection and relive pain. It also comes with 12 flex fabric bandages in cool patterns.

Welly Bravery First Aid Kit

What Kain Says:

“This definitely helps, because I like messing with stuff that I probably shouldn’t mess with. Sometimes I get cuts and bruises in the process. And we can bring this along, and bam, it’s fine!”

Inside contents of the Welly Bravery First Aid Kit

MSRP: $8.00

Scavenger Hunt Bandana by Colter Co

Give your kids a list of things to look for as they explore the world around them with this interactive bandana by Colter Co. This adorable bandana, which can double as a mask, headband, or more, features 36 common animals, plants, and items that can be found in nature. The bandana is printed on 100% cotton, and is made and printed in the USA. It measures approximately 22″x22″, and is so cute, mom is probably going to “borrow” it.

Colter Co Scavenger Hunt Bandana

What Kain Says:

“I like it. It’s big, it’s got multiple uses, it’s fun to try and find the designs on the bandana. And best of all, it’s comfy!”

Kid wearing a fun bandana from the Wild Child Box

MSRP: $14.00

Huckleberry Make-Your-Own Grass Whistle

I absolutely remember learning how to use a large blade of grass pinned between my thumbs as a whistle. There was certainly a learning curve, however, so no doubt this wooden whistle makes the task much easier.  This eco-friendly grass whistle is made of solid bamboo with dual magnets, and manufactured by Kikkerland Design.

Huckleberry make your own grass whistle

What Kain Says:

“I love it, and it’s amazing, because I never knew how to whistle with grass. This helps!”

Kain using the Huckleberry Grass Whistle from the Wild Child Box

MSRP $5.00

National Parks A-Z Coloring Book by Parks Project

Teach your kids about National Parks while they color in the trees, plants, and animals that make those places unique. The National Parks A-Z Coloring Book is 26 pages long and includes fun drawings of some of the most popular National Parks in America with fun facts about each one. 

National Parks A-Z Coloring Book

What Kain Says:

“I don’t like coloring that much, but I really like the designs they put in the letters. The Grand Canyon one is really cool!”

Kain examining the National Parks A-Z coloring book from the Wild Child Box

MSRP: $12.00

World market Twig Coloring Pencil Set

These pencils are crafted with real twigs, and are the perfect companion to the National Parks coloring book.

World Market Twig Coloring Pencil Set

What Kain Says:

“Again I’m not into coloring that much, but they go really well with the coloring book. And there’s some other people in the family that like coloring.”

MSRP: $4.00

Nalgene Water Bottle

What adventurer doesn’t need another Nalgene bottle in their life? This 16 oz, narrow lid bottle (perfect for little mouths) is leak proof, durable, and BPA-free.

What Kain Says:

“It could probably be a little bit bigger, but I like the color. It’s still a pretty good size. And I like how you can’t lose the cap.”

MSRP: $11.00

16 oz Nalgene Bottle from Wild Child subscription box

Pura Vida Sticker

A bright and colorful sticker from Pura Vida Bracelets. Perfect for decorating that Nalgene bottle!

What Kain Says:

“It’s good to stick on the water bottle since there’s a lot of surface area!”

MSRP: $2.50

Four Function Whistle by Coghlans

This four function whistle, designed for kids by Coghlans, includes a Whistle, 2-scale Thermometer, Magnifier, and Compass. It features a spring loaded clip for attachment to a backpack or lanyard.

Coghlans four function whistle for kids

What Kain Says:

“Good multi tool! My only complaint is the magnifying glass is a little hard to get out if you don’t have good nails.”

MSRP: $4.50

Skout Real Food Kid’s Bars

Made with seven ingredients or less, Skout Real Food Kid’s Bars are indeed, real food. Our Wild Child Box featured two bars, in apple pie and blueberry blast flavors. At the time of publishing this post, we haven’t tried them YET. Stay tuned.

MSRP: $2.34

Peeled Organic Dried Mango

Peeled brand organic, dried fruits are sourced from a diverse network of sustainable and responsible farmers. These fruits are naturally delicious so they don’t add sugars, sulfites, or preservatives.

The kiddo didn’t want to eat them but guess who did? Me. They were delicious.

MSRP: $4.17

Fruit snacks found in Fall 2020 Wild Child Box

Wild child Challenge

What Kain Says

“I haven’t tried it yet, but some of that stuff I would definitely try during camping!”

Kain’s Overall Review of Wild Child Box:

“I give it a 9 out of 10, GOOD!”

Moms Overall Review:

The total cost of these products, purchased separately, would come to approximately $67.51, making the $50 purchase price well worth it. Plus? Someone else sources these fun and amazing goodies for your kiddos (thanks Alexandra!)

It was really fun seeing my kid not only excited by the surprises in the box, but immediately putting them to use in our backyard. While I’m typically an “experiences over stuff” kind of minimalist mom, I absolutely love the concept of this box. These practical items will help encourage kids to explore, and hopefully, appreciate the world around them. We are no doubt Wild Child fans.


Ready to order? Head over to www.wildchildbox.com to get started. And don’t forget to use the code HART at checkout to get 15% off of your first box!

Wild Child Box Subscription: is it worth it?  Check out our detailed review - written by an outdoor mama & an 11 year old kid.

Thank you to Alexandra for sending over a Wild Child Box for us to review. All opinions expressed in this post are original and belong to us.

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