“About me” sections are hands down, the hardest thing for me to write. I cringe when an email comes through asking for a bio. I loathe writing in the third person. But…I’ll try.

My name is Heather. I’m a Vermonter living in Coastal South Carolina with my husband, Geoff, and two young boys. I’m an exercise physiologist by trade, and I’ve somehow spun that into a career as a content creator and writer (www.relentlessforwardcommotion.com is my third child).

My husband and I also own an endurance coaching business, helping runners, obstacle course racers, and triathletes achieve their goals. I’m a hopelessly devoted trail and ultramarathon runner. Running has truly changed my life.

But there’s so much more to me than that.

I also love mountains, and lakes, camping, and riding my bike, road trips and the ridiculously tacky, giant things people put on the side of the highway encouraging tourists to stop and take photos. I love classic rock – real classic rock, not just the stuff the radio stations claim to be classic rock (I’m sorry, Nirvana, but you aren’t cutting it), eating outside at a picnic table, and laughing really hard. I love trying new adventures, especially when I’m unjustifiably terrified, like the time I was scared Geoff was going to flip our canoe in 6 inches of water. “You know you can just stand up” he said. Oh yeah.

Over the last handful of years Geoff and I have been dabbling in a number of adventures that just don’t fit in with the “ultramarathon” and “running” niche.   And damnit, I want to write about them. I also want to write about, well frankly, whatever the hell I want to write about. I want a place to write things that don’t have to fit into a niche.  Post titles that are actually just Gordon Lightfoot lyrics, because sometimes that’s how my brain works.

So here we are.  

What does the title “Bigfoot Search Party” even mean? I don’t know. I really don’t, which is part of the fun. It could be an allusion to something deep and meaningful: a search for something more out of this life, the hunt for something bigger and more meaningful than ourselves.

Or it could simply be because I have a somewhat hilarious obsession with Bigfoot, his buddy the Yeti, and let’s most certainly not forget their Christmas cousin the Krampus.

Alas, just like packing up your tent and hammock and heading to the woods to escape, this is another form of escape.  Though I am loathe to use the term “escape” because this life I’ve carved out for myself is pretty freaking amazing. I love what I do. But you get the idea. 

Let’s call this a “side project” instead.

This is my place, my project, to write about burning vegan marshmallows over a campfire while listening to John Denver sing over my cell phone (what a time to be alive!) This is my place to share crazy stories, because as anyone who has met me in person can confirm: I’m never short on stories to tell. Maybe there will be some guest posts and product reviews along the way. Or one of Geoff’s infamous “Fod Bloogs”. Or maybe we’ll even partner on this project one day. I’m not sure. 

But that’s the whole point – I don’t have to be.  

I look forward to the journey and community this new space might create.  Thank you for joining me on this new adventure. I can’t wait to see where it will take us.